KontentCart.com connects marketers, agencies, content creators, and publishers, to enable content marketing at the speed of consumer.

The rapid evolution of digital as a medium of marketing communication has spawned off an altered reality for today’s brand marketers and their advertising, digital and social media agencies. It is this realization that sparked off a thought for the founders of Kontent Café.

The consumer is always on. What about brands?

Even if some are, what exactly are they engaging the consumer with? Today’s consumer craves something new with every refresh of the screen. That’s the new OTS. So the challenge for every marketer today is to serve the consumer with something fresh & relevant with every refresh. No brand can achieve that with the traditional ‘client briefs – agency reverts’ model. It’s too slow, often expensive, and almost always suffers from limitations of scale and agency partner’s skill set. Kontent Cart aims to diffuse the situation through its open marketplace – a neutral platform where brand marketers, content creators and publishers can discover each other and benefit from each other.

To begin with.....

Kontent Cart connects brand marketers and expert content writers from around the world. So whether you want articles, blog posts, white papers, ebooks, scripts or even Facebook posts, you can tap a global pool of expert writers on just about every subject, industry or area of interest. For as little as US $20 or Rs.1200 you can get a 500-word article or blog post on a topic of your choice within a few hours.

If you want content as of yesterday, explore Kontent Cart’s Stock Content section. Find professionally written, ready-to-download articles / blog posts on a topic of your choice. It’s just like buying stock images.

Most copywriters do not have the skill to write long form content. Also, they don’t have domain expertise. The real writers are outside the agency ecosystem. They’re to be found at publishing firms, or as freelancers, or bloggers. Both brand marketers and their agencies do not have access to this amazing writing talent. With Kontent Cart, all that changes. And this is just phase one. Over the next few months, Kontent Cart will evolve into a more comprehensive content marketing ecosystem with pictures, videos, info graphics, content licensing, distribution, etc.

Kontent Cart is owned by Kontent Café Pvt. Ltd., a unique content marketing company based in New Delhi and Singapore.

Kontent Café was formed with a vision to create world-class content marketing platforms and propagate the practice of content marketing.

The company is a melting pot of experienced individuals from Advertising, Digital Media and Journalism. By harnessing expertise from all three streams and cross-purposing it, Kontent Café is in a unique position to stay at the forefront of the fast-evolving field of digital marketing.